Finally options…for the Physicians

Physicians can now offer a weight-loss strategy that offers both medical and financial support for their patients who want to lose weight.

and the Consumers

The consumer now has an option for a carefully monitored weight loss and nutritional program that is reimbursed by insurance through their Physical Therapy benefits.

Program Information

    • The Physical Therapists at CPRx, Inc will evaluate and monitor each individual client after determining all relevant health risks and taking baseline measures.
    • With a Physical Therapy referral, CPRx will establish individualized and specific exercise programs and goals.
    • There will be regular monitoring of baseline measures.
    • There will be general information on nutrition conducted by a certified clinical dietitian.
    • Why Physical Therapists?
  • PT’s are experts on exercise, anatomy, physiology, posture, and movement.
  • PT’s can understand and obtain a thorough medical and injury history.
  • PT’s have the knowledge and experience to monitor and progress clients appropriately and individually.
  • PT’s use evidence in the literature and have norm-referenced functional testing.
  • PT’s have a background in psychology.

Why is this program important?

  • US obesity prevalence is 27% and growing.
  • No state met the Healthy People 2010 obesity target of 15%.
  • Among all insurance payers, obese people had medical costs $1429 higher than people of normal weight (total $147 billion in 2008).
  • 70% of US adults do not engage in regular physical activity (3-5 days/week, at least 20 min/day).
  • By 2030, health experts predict that the number of people with diabetes will increase to >30 million.
  • The #2 cause of preventable death is obesity at 400,000 per year. (#1 is smoking at 435,000 per year).

How can this program help?

  • Multiple studies show that increased physical activity can decrease the risk for mortality.
  • Low cardiorespiratory fitness is a strong and independent predictor of CVD. Low cardiorespiratory fitness and CVD cause mortality and are highly correlated with diabetes risk factors.
  • Multiple studies support that increasing physical activity alone can decrease the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

How do you get started?

  • Initially, the client will need their physician to conduct a “wellness check-up.”
  • Under the new health care law, as of 2011, beneficiaries can get annual wellness check-ups at no charge to patient.
  • Their physician can then refer them to Physical Therapy, where Physical Therapists can utilize the Preventive Medicine Services CPT codes.
  • Included in these codes are: obesity, metabolic problems/syndromes, high BMI, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, and lack of coordination.
  • With a Physician’s referral, Physical Therapists at CPRx can then conduct a thorough evaluation and begin a progressive weight loss program covered under a patients Physical Therapy benefits.
  • The Physical Therapists at CPRx will provide the referring physician with the data collected during the initial evaluation, which will include: BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, VO2 max, diabetes risk test, 6 minute walk test, and 10 meter velocity test.

What does this program consist of?

  • Individualized program development based on each person’s health risks, goals, and initial base measurements.
  • Education on proper activity prescription.
  • Education on proper exercise body mechanics.
  • Close monitoring of vital signs and symptoms.
  • Nutritional counseling by a certified clinical dietitian.
  • Planned activity progression.
  • Regular journaling of nutritional intake and exercise type and duration.
  • Positive encouragement by a well trained staff.