New Patient Guide
Here is a walk through of your experience with CPRx. Starting with what you need to know, what you need to bring, what you can expect on your first visit and what we want for you and your personal health.

First Things First

  • Logging into this site was a great Start!
  • From here you can read through this page, but feel free to call us at any point and we can talk you through all that you need to know.
  • You will need a physical referral most of the time.
  • Call to schedule an appointment.
  • Our number is (562) 799-4494.

What You Will Need at Your First Appointment

  • The physicial referral.
  • Your insurance card, if you have one.
  • The patient information form (see below to get a head start.)
  • Consent Forms: 1)The Privacy Act Requirement and 2)Consent for Treatment

You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for details of what your first visit will consist of.

Download Forms

To expedite your check in process, we encourage you to fill out the necessary forms. Please download the forms to print at home, fill out completely, and bring with you to your first appointment. If you have any questions about which forms you need to fill out, just give us a call (562) 799-4494.

All Patients will need to fill out both of these…

All patients will need 1 of the following INFORMATION FORMS, please download the appropriate form.

At Your First Visit

Come prepared to move. Wear comfortable clothing. Think about your area of concern and any issues that you have with your health and be ready to discuss them with your Physical Therapist.