Each month we are going to be discussing a new topic. We will be breaking down each topic into rehab, exercise, building mobility and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to specific injuries and giving you needed information about the topic. We will give advice, strategy, techniques and exercises that can:

  • Enable a faster and more complete recovery if you have suffered an injury
  • Enhance your training to complete goals towards sport specific development
  • Encourage you to find strategies to attain personal goals

We hope this will not only be informative but also that it will provide you will the a knowledge base that you can refer to long after your treatment at CPRx is complete. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below, and if you are seeking information on a specific topic, just ask and we will address it.

This month, we are taking an upclose look at

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This information is based on our Physical Therapist’s education, research, and clinical experience. Please consult your Physician, or Physical Therapist for an individualized assessment and treatment plan.